Strong Beer Month and Free Song!

Strong Beer Month 16It’s February, and in San Francisco, that means two things. One, the beginning of allergy season, but more importantly, the long-awaited return of Strong Beer Month!

(No, I don’t know of anything else going on around here at the moment, why do you ask?)

Strong Beer Month is a collaboration between Magnolia Gastropub and 21st Amendment Brewery, where they collectively present 12 special strong beers brewed just for the occasion. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to drink all 12 and turn in your punch card to receive a commemorative glass before they run out. I have a small collection of the glasses but these days I just stick to sampling a few of the delicious brews. One of them is Magnolia’s Old Thunderpussy Barleywine, which inspired my song “Thunderpussy”.

Historical reference: Magnolia Thunderpussy was the legendary madam at the brothel where the Magnolia Gastropub on Haight Street resides. Yes, now it makes sense.

Your bonus – for the month of February, I am giving away my song “Thunderpussy (Salty Sweet Mix)” on Bandcamp! You can choose to pay for it if you like, or you can enter your email address and get it for free. It’s long been one of my most popular songs, let alone one of my best remixes. I won’t do anything with your email address except send an occasional newsletter. Good deal, eh? Happy February!

Thunderpussy Lyrics

There’s an old friend in town
We love when she comes… around
We can’t wait to get down
With that velvet brown


She’s so salty sweet
The taste will knock you off your feet
So come in off the street
And try to take the heat of



When Thunderpussy comes around
Lick it up and suck it down
You’ll howl and stomp your feet
When you taste her salty sweet she’s


There’s an old friend in town
We love when she comes… around

© Ragged Birds Music


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