Mojo’s Pick of the Week – Metallica “Hardwired”

Metallica - Hardwired CoverHow can my pick of the week be anything else besides the long-awaited release by a rejuvenated Metallica, returning to solid form with “Hardwired… to Self-Destruct”? Teased with videos leading up to the release, then essentially released for free on YouTube, this album is their most solid, heavy, and musically sound since the Black Album.

The basic version of Hardwired includes 12 new songs including the dark, relentless thrashy title track, and other early favorites like Moth Into Flame and Spit out the Bone. The alternately soft and heavy Halo on Fire is a testament to a mature, confident band. I have a feeling that one will grow on a lot of people and get some serious airplay in areas that still have the stones to play hard rock on the radio. The deluxe 3 CD set includes 4 additional new songs plus 10 live classics, most of which were recorded at their killer small show at Rasputin Music in Berkeley in April 2016.

This is a don’t-miss release for Metallica fans. Stream it on YouTube, Amazon with Prime or pick it up now!

Metallica website
Metallica YouTube channel

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