poison smiles in my face as they reach to
shake my hand with flesh-colored claws

poison words in my ears as they speak,
numbing my brain with slow poison words

(true colors play when you turn away)

sugar threats on lips smiling sweetly,
mouths that befriend you when you’re alone

candy lies in mouths dripping venom
shaped by tongues that scrape the flesh from your bones

sharp white lies bite into your skin
your belly tight with pain
soft sad eyes hiding the lies
that rip you again and again

poison smiles
poison words
sugar threats
candy lies

true colors play when you turn away…
don’t turn your back on them now

peel the skin from the faces around me
and I’m surrounded by Grinning Skulls

betrayed, I’m betrayed by slow poison smiles
betrayed, I’m betrayed by slow poison words
betrayed, I’m betrayed by slow poison lies
betrayed, I’m betrayed by slow poison thoughts
in the tiny minds that lie inside
the circle of grinning skulls

a circle of slow death surrounds me

Original words & music by Mojo & Mojo’s Army
© Ragged Birds Music. All rights reserved.


Mojo wrote the lyrics to Grinning Skulls many years ago while working for an evil software company. (Not that one. No, not that one either.) The words eventually found a home in this trancelike metal dirge which showcases Mojo’s still-growing vocal confidence.

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