Woke up this morning
found lipstick on my… whiskey bottle
said I woke up this morning,
found lipstick on my… whiskey bottle

Don’t know how it got there
but I’m thinkin that it just
might be trouble

Want to find that woman
Put her lips on the tip
Of my favorite whiskey

Said I want to find that woman
put her lips on the tip
of my favorite whiskey

Have a feelin when I do well she just might be
a little bit frisky

When I find that woman
with the bright pink
juicy lips

Said when I find that woman
with the hot, pink
juicy lips

Gonna sip some more whiskey
and give those lips a
big fat kiss

Original words & music by Mojo & Mojo’s Army
© Ragged Birds Music. All rights reserved.


Mojo’s second original recording. After listening to much classic Blues to get to the root of the roots, Mojo got it in his head to write a more traditional blues-based song. Played his own way of course, infused with lightning and his typical tongue in cheek humor. Original demo was “live in front of a virtual studio audience”. The final version is a heavy, grinding revision of the arrangement, renamed simply “Lipstick”.

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