There’s an old friend in town
We love when she comes… around
We can’t wait to get down
With that velvet brown


She’s so salty sweet
The taste will knock you off your feet
So come in off the street
And try to take the heat of



When Thunderpussy comes around
Lick it up and suck it down
You’ll howl and stomp your feet
When you taste her salty sweet she’s


There’s an old friend in town
We love when she comes… around

Original words & music by Mojo & Mojo’s Army
© Ragged Birds Music. All rights reserved.


The Thunderpussy lyrics were written in 2006 as an ode to Magnolia Brewing’s “Old Thunderpussy Barleywine”, which is usually released in February (as was this track) during San Francisco’s Strong Beer Month. It took a while to find the right groove for this song, which is fitting, as Thunderpussy only gets better with age!

Rerecorded in March 2008 with a Beck-ish ‘Haight Street’ groove, and then reworked and remixed into Mojo’s first dance mix, just for fun! Written, arranged and pefromed by Mojo. Remix by MC Mojo. Additional voice: Rosanna Sansone.

Remixed, remastered, and rereleased in 2012 as part of the stripperlicious “Big Tips” EP

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