Mojo’s Pick of the Week – Fire Down Below: Hymn of the Cosmic Man

Hymn of the Cosmic ManI loved Fire Down Below‘s debut so much that their sophomore album arrived with some admittedly unreasonable expectations from me. I mean, Viper Vixen Goddess Saint was my literal favorite album of last year, kind of hard to live up to. This one, however, just didn’t grab me…. Not right away, anyway. But after that initial letdown, I gave it another go and it got under my skin. And it started haunting my dreams. And then I couldn’t stop listening to it. And now it’s my belated Pick of the Week, after having listened to it many times over the last month since its release. 

Hymn of the Cosmic Man is basically a concept album, loosely based around the story of a man who volunteers to go into space to save the planet, with what are, let’s say, some mixed results. Along the way we get treated to our own trip as the music twists and turns from laid back instrumentals to driving rock and spacey mixed key interludes… and then is over before we’re ready to be brought back to earth.

Standout tracks: Ignition/Space Cruiser, Saviour of Man.

I am loving these Belgian blokes and their imaginative heavy fuzz rock, and until I can see them live I’ll just keep blasting these albums as often as I can!

Fire Down Below on the Web:


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Mojo’s Pick of the Week – Clutch: In Walks Barbarella

It’s no secret that I love OG earth rockers Clutch, dad band extraordinaire. They just dropped a new video from their upcoming album “Book of Bad Decisions” called In Walks Barbarella and it’s chock full of self-referential comic book greatness. Clutch’s signature heavy blues rock is filled out with tasteful horns on this catchy tune, check it out!

Clutch Official YouTube

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Mojo’s Pick of the Week – Fantastic Negrito

Fantastic NegritoFantastic Negrito is the stage name of Xavier Amin Dphrepaulezz, an Oakland-based singer songwriter who just dropped a new album Please Don’t Be Dead in June 2018. From his Facebook page, and I couldn’t have said it better than this, “Fantastic Negrito is black roots music for everyone, Blues with a punk attitude from Oakland”.

It is the best kind of dirty, soulful blues rock and man, if I hadn’t just missed seeing him on tour here, I wouldn’t have even heard of this cat. And now I’m kicking myself for missing out. Don’t make the same mistake, catch him on tour and pick up Please Don’t Be Dead, it will reinvigorate your soul.

Fantastic Negrito on the web:

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