Mojo’s Pick of the Week – Gary Numan: Savage

Gary Numan - SavageYes, that Gary Numan. The one you probably remember from that iconic “Cars” video from MTV back when they played music videos in the early 80s. Well, surprise to me and maybe many of you, he’s been steadily carving out a career releasing music under the radar of mainstream music all along. And three decades later, we may have his masterpiece: “Savage: Tales from a Broken World”, which plays like a soundtrack of a post-apocalyptic movie that I would go see right now if I could.

Lush with synths and programmed drums that sound as organic and fluid as a cyborg orchestra, the songs on Savage are alternately dreamy and intense, but always haunting. Middle eastern wails and scales add extra spice to the lush soundscapes as the album progresses.

The first single “My Name is Ruin” is probably the most musically intense song on the album, reminiscent of the best of Nine Inch Nails. Other standout songs are “Ghost Nation”, “Bed of Thorns”, and “When the World Comes Apart”. Engineer Ade Fenton’s electronic beat mastery and Numan’s soulful, pleading vocals combine to make a concept album that’s sure to be a future classic.

Gary Numan on the web

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Mojo’s Pick of the Week – The Flying Eyes: Burning of the Season

The Flying Eyes Burning CoverI know virtually nothing about The Flying Eyes, I had never heard of them until this excellent album came across my Bandcamp feed via Ripple Music.

Released just this past week (September 8, 2017), it’s a heavy blues infused fuzz rock with a kind of 60s-70s psychedelic vibe that is just a pleasure to listen to.

These guys are out of Balitmore, MD and are currently on tour in Europe in support of the new album. Check it out!

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Mojo’s Pick of the Week – Devil Electric

Devil ElectricAustralia’s Devil Electric just dropped all kinds of heavy. Their self-titled debut was just released on August 11, 2017 and I’m not kidding when I say it made my hair stand on end at times.

Frontwoman Pierina O’Brien has the pipes to compete with the Sabbath-inspired heavy blues & doom guitars, thundering drums, and pounding bass that swell up like crashing waves of thick fuzz behind her.

This is a must have for any doom/fuzz/heavy blues fan!

Devil Electric on the interwebz:

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