Front page portrait of MojoMojo’s Army is a San Francisco Bay Area music project spearheaded by music-obsessed Mojo, who writes, produces and performs all of Mojo’s Army original music. The project’s heavy, groovy sound is a true Bay Area blend of genres — hard rock, punk, pop, and industrial with just enough blues to bring it all together. Major influences are early heavy metal bands like Black Sabbath and Judas Priest, and modern hard rock / industrial bands like Nine Inch Nails and Rob Zombie. Mojo’s sex and angst-ridden lyrics are often tempered with tongue-in-cheek humor.

Mojo first appeared on the independent online music scene in 2008 with the release of his wicked industrial cover of Malvina Reynolds’ classic “Little Boxes”. Mojo’s Army has continued to steadily release albums, EPs and singles ever since, beginning with 2009’s full length debut “It’s Hard”. Buy or stream it all at http://mojosarmy.bandcamp.com.

In 2015, Mojo and musicians Troy Jay Adams and Jay Hale launched a collaborative project called The Answer is None, bringing their multiple influences and talents together to produce complex, riff-driven heavy grooves in the vein of Soundgarden, Black Sabbath, and Van Halen. An album is expected to be released sometime in 2017.


Mojo’s Army uses Epiphone, Charvel, and Fender guitars; D’Addario strings; Peavey and Fender amps; effects from Waves, Line 6, Zoom, Behringer, Digitech, Electro-Harmonix, Ibanez and Boss; various digital effects and loops in Logic and GarageBand on an Apple MacBook Pro, and of course a self-modded classic Russian Big Muff Pi. Mojo does love that Big Muff. I know you know what we mean.


Mojo named the project partly after the nickname earned in his early online gaming career beta-testing Bungie‘s pre-Halo game Myth, where he controlled armies of savage undead warriors in battle… and partly after the slogan “Army of One”, knowing that it was to be a one-man band with a potential Army of collaborators.

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