Mojo’s Pick of the Week – End Of Forever by Samsara Blues Experiment

End Of Forever by Samsara Blues ExperimentThe end of 2020 saw a surprise and bittersweet release from the legendary Samsara Blues Experiment, who announced that this latest full length album End Of Forever will be their swan song.

This German psychedelic experimental electric blues trio have been going strong since they began their journey in Berlin in 2007. They gained widespread acclaim with their 2010 album Long Distance Trip, cementing themselves into stoner rock lore with their own special brand of transcendent psych rock.

End of Forever takes you on a trip through time and space, flirting with influences from 60s acid rock to 70s prog through modern psych rock, sprinkling mellotron pads, spacey synths, and other dreamy effects throughout its guitar jam journey. Sad to see the end, but glad to be along for the ride and enjoy the legacy of this timeless trio.

Sit back and enjoy the trip.

Samsara Blues Experiment on the web:


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Mojo’s Pick of the Week – Virginia Rhapsody by Seedpicker

This was a delightful find, the debut album from a Twitter follower from Virginia. He was taking part in our weekly DIY Music Chat and I happened to follow his profile links to find this really amazing soulful blues album and listened to it the rest of the day while I worked.

Elements of funk, soul, blues, jazz, and reggae fuel this really heartfelt album full of great songs with emotional vocals. It was just a treat to stumble across this album and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, and I look forward to more from Seedpicker and his collaborators.

Standout tracks: Low Down Musician’s Blues, Lineman’s Dub, Bottle of Red

Find Seedpicker on the web:

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Seedpicker on Twitter


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Mojo’s Pick of the Week – O by Oranthi

Aussie guitar phenom Oranthi, former axe wielder for Michael Jackson and Alice Cooper, is out with a brand new full length album, titled simply “O”.

Taking pages from the likes of Dorothy, the Pretty Reckless, and Halestorm, all personal favorites of mine, Oranthi runs the from bluesy hard rockers like to ballads like Crawling out of the Dark. Touches of Janet Jackson 80’s rock funk are woven throughout the tracks, giving them a little extra flavor.

You won’t find any Steve Vai level shredding on O, just solid guitar rock tracks that straddle genres and eras.

Standout tracks: Contagious, Rescue Me, Blow

Find Oranthi on the web:

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