Released June 2012

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Liner Notes

All songs produced, performed, engineered, mixed, remixed, and remastered by Mojo.

Royalty-free samples used by permission from Apple Logic and Beta Monkey Music
Bass sample on “Apple”: Apple Logic
Woman’s voice on “Thunderpussy”: Rosanna Sansone
Additional royalty-free sound samples by permission from: and

All songs written by Mojo except “Little Boxes” and “The Green Manalishi (With the Two-Prong Crown)”, used by permission as noted below:

Little Boxes words & music by Malvina Reynolds. Copyright 1962 Schroder Music Co. (ASCAP). Renewed 1990. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

The Green Manalishi words & music by Peter Green. Copyright Kobalt Music and Crosstown Downtown songs. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

It’s Still Hard was recorded, mixed, remixed and remastered at Playroom Studio, Marin County, California, using Apple Logic and a MacBook Pro. Headphones by Sennheiser and Sony, speakers by M-Audio.

Mojo would like to thank Bella, Jenn, Kimberly, Jimi, Jay, Carlos, Will, Bill, Billy, and everyone else who has supported Mojo’s Army! \m/

It’s Still Hard (C) 2012 Mojo’s Army (P) 2012 Ragged Birds Music (ASCAP)

It’s Hard (C) 2009 Mojo’s Army (P) 2009 Ragged Birds Music (ASCAP)

All songs by Mojo except where otherwise noted

Art direction and photography: Matt Denton
Logo, website, merchandise design: Matt Denton

Publishing and licensing information: email or visit

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