On a dead grey day

When the sun and all the pretty girls
Are hidden away

And the wind from the sea
Screams up the street
And pummels me

I wind my weary way
To a place where the friendly souls
All know my face

And She
She takes care of me

She knows what I need
and she gives it to me
(I drink it deep)

Whatever I need she
(with a smile she gives to me)
Whoever I need to be
(she indulges me)

I drink it deep
(with a smile she gives to me)
It washes me clean
(she gives me all I need)

As the grey day wanes
And the warmth of the sanctuary
Fills my veins

I steal myself away
Past the feet of the bodies
On the homeless beat

And return to my place
Dreaming of the shelter
Where she knows my face

Oh She
She takes care of me
Oh She
She gives me what I need

Original words & music by Mojo & Mojo’s Army
© Ragged Birds Music. All rights reserved.


You know who you are.

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