Podcast Feature – Dumb and Dumbest

Dumb And Dumbest BannerMy second podcast guest spot, hanging out with Matt Bacon of Dropout Media and Keith Chackles of Ghost Cult Magazine on their long running metal and media focused podcast Dumb and Dumbest.

We get deep into Twitter and social media, discussing community building and organic growth, and about my Twitter chat DIY Music Chat and how that turned into a community of collaborators.

Check out the episode here.

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Mojo’s Pick of the Week – Casting the Circle by High Priestess

High Priestess Casting the CircleBe warned, this album will get under your skin! Casting the Circle is the second full length release by LA doom trio High Priestess. If you’re unfamiliar with the psychedelic swirls and melodic mist of High Priestess’ brand of doom rock then now’s your chance to dive in.

With a sound that ranges from lilting to thunder, the sonic magic woven by bassist Mariana Fiel, guitarist Katie Gilchrest, and drummer Megan Mullins will have you under their spell before you can say “psychedelic doom.”

Standout tracks: Casting the Circle, Erebus

Accompanying this release is my favorite music video of the year so far, the haunting and macabre companion to the title track. It’s simply perfection.

High Priestess on the web:



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Podcast Feature – How’d You Get That Music Job?

Mojo on L.Ariel PodcastMy first guest podcast spot! I was invited by the lovely, charming, and talented L.Ariel to be a guest on her podcast “Hey, How’d You Get That Music Job?” which features ” rising stars and innovators of the music industry to discuss their career trajectories and to share advice and insights about the music biz”.

It was a lot of fun, and we got to dive deep into my backstory and even into things I’d forgotten about! Thanks L.Ariel!

Check our the podcast here.

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