Mojo’s Pick of the Week – Deap Vally

Deap VallyA little bit of Gwen Stefani, a little bit of Janis Joplin, and a whole lotta Led Zeppelin and White Stripes make up the blues punk fury of LA’s Deap Vally. I had the pleasure of witnessing the power of the jumper-clad duo at the Chapel in San Francisco on the eve of their tour in support of none other than Marilyn Manson. The energy level started at 100% and never let up through their three-song encore, and gave me hope for the future of pure attitude rock & roll. Formed in 2011 in LA after the duo met in a needlework class of all things, Deap Vally have been successfully carving our their niche ever since. Their debut CD Sistrionix is a great collection of rockers, and only slightly more sedate than their high energy live show. Catch them if you can, and definitely pick up Sistrionix and file it next to your White Stripes discs. Good luck and have fun on tour Lindsey and Julie!

“Gonna Make My Own Money”

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photo credit: Matt Denton

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