Mojo’s Pick of the Week – The Hazytones

This power fuzz trio from Quebec recently dropped their full length debut on Ripple Records and are finishing up a crazy tour of 43 dates in 46 days across the US and Canada! I had the pleasure of seeing them last week at one of my favorite San Francisco clubs where they played as part of Ripplefest II, a showcase of up and coming Ripple Records bands.

They brought a crazy level of fever pitch energy to their smoldering set, which ended with their bass player bouncing through the crowd while laying down a frenetic bass line. I love power trios, and my hat is always off to a singer who plays lead guitar, let alone a red plastic Danelectro. Proof once again that it’s not the tools but the craftsman when it comes to making the most of your art!

I warmed up quickly to their self-titled debut disc, which I like more every time I listen to it. Check it out now, The Hazytones on Ripple Records. And watch for more from these guys in the future!

The Hazytones on the web:

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