Mojo’s Pick of the Week – Refractions by Lowrider

Lowrider - RefractionsHonestly, there is no way my Pick of the Week couldn’t be the surprise return of Swedish stoner rock legends Lowrider. The first time I ever heard them was on the jukebox at San Francisco’s legendary dive beer bar Toronado — and yes, any jukebox with Lowrider and Tool is the best jukebox, fight me — and I remember seeking out and buying their debut CD Ode to Io shortly thereafter.

Lowrider’s latest release Refractions sounds like the band fell into a wormhole in 1999 and emerged intact in 2020 without missing a beat. The album itself is more of a sonic landscape than a collection of songs you can point at and say, this song is a must listen. The whole thing is like a warm fuzzy electric blanket for your ears. It’s easily one of the must listens of 2020. If you love Kyuss and their offspring, you must check it out immediately.

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