New Song – I Want Your Sex

Mojo’s Army has a new song – a hard rocking cover of George Michael’s controversial 80s classic “I Want Your Sex”!  I recorded it as an ode to the formative years I spent watching MTV when there was still M to watch.

It’s now available as a part of the album “Undercover”, 10 years of Mojo’s Army covers, on Bandcamp along with the rest of the Mojo’s Army music catalog. Crank it!

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Mojo’s Pick of the Week – Ariel Hyatt’s Social Media House Course

Social Media HouseAriel Hyatt is a social media expert who specializes in promoting and mentoring musicians to get their full potential out of the world of social media and online marketing. I’ve followed Ariel since the MySpace days, watching her grow her own business and presence, and have found her insights very helpful, from basic advice on branding to comprehensive year-end self-review exercises. She’s a very positive, knowledgable and encouraging person and I like to think of her as my social media and branding mentor.

Ariel HyattWith her 9 week online Social Media House course, currently being offered for free, Ariel takes you through all the important areas of modern social media to give you a solid foundation to build your online presence on. To be sure, it’s a fairly intensive course, and depending on where your skills are it may be a lot of work. In my case, I’ve already been through most of this on my own using best practices and Ariel’s advice so I’m using the course to add the missing 20% to my 80% and get some tips to build on.

It’s been a wealth of information, and it’s not something you can get through without a support group — or mastermind group, as Ariel likes to call it — so there are built-in forums available for collective comments, questions, and encouragement. So far I’ve found it to be a very positive and generous community of like-minded musicians and I highly recommend this course, and Ariel’s ongoing advice, to all musicians looking for a leg up in the world of social media and diy marketing.

Social Media House

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