Podcast Feature – Dumb and Dumbest

Dumb And Dumbest BannerMy second podcast guest spot, hanging out with Matt Bacon of Dropout Media and Keith Chackles of Ghost Cult Magazine on their long running metal and media focused podcast Dumb and Dumbest.

We get deep into Twitter and social media, discussing community building and organic growth, and about my Twitter chat DIY Music Chat and how that turned into a community of collaborators.

Check out the episode here.

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Podcast Feature – How’d You Get That Music Job?

Mojo on L.Ariel PodcastMy first guest podcast spot! I was invited by the lovely, charming, and talented L.Ariel to be a guest on her podcast “Hey, How’d You Get That Music Job?” which features ” rising stars and innovators of the music industry to discuss their career trajectories and to share advice and insights about the music biz”.

It was a lot of fun, and we got to dive deep into my backstory and even into things I’d forgotten about! Thanks L.Ariel!

Check our the podcast here.

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Mojo’s Pick of the Week – Creative Pep Talk Podcast

Andy PizzaI’m just blown away by this guy and his podcast. Andy J Miller, aka Andy J Pizza, a silly name for a amazingly insightful creative, has been running his Creative Pep Talk podcast for 5 years now. I found out about it through the also brilliant Six Figure Home Studio podcast, and between the two I’ve had my mind blown and direction corrected more times than I can count in the short time I’ve been listening.

Andy wears his soul on the outside, his heart on his sleeve, and he simply bleeds his creative insightful brain raw into the microphone. He’s a master of metaphors, and somehow twists verbal images into profound truths with disarming regularity. I’ve literally gasped at some of his insights. He’s a man capable of spinning a thought thread that starts with acting and illustrating being similar, moving through bands creating albums for the right or wrong reasons, and ends up with altering Indian food recipes to please a friend in the right way, that lands smoothly with the feeling of a blinding light bulb going off.

The podcast started out – in theory anyway – as a touchstone for fellow illustrators, but quickly became what it really was all along, a creative career cultivation podcast that applies to musicians, actors, photographers, and really anyone who struggles with the existential and actual jungle of pursuing a creative career. What the Six Figure Home Studio podcast is to the business side of a creative career, the Creative Pep Talk podcast is to the creative side. And like the 6FHS podcast, you don’t need to be any particular type of creative to benefit from the wisdom falling off the tree like ripe fruit.

Start right here with this recent episode, man, he cuts right to the bone of what it’s like to struggle as a creative and then, well, pep talks you into feeling great about it all!

Creative Pep Talk on the web

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