Mojo’s Pick of the Week – The Road by Acid Alice

After Alice - The RoadSounding like a hybrid between Big Brother & the Holding Company, Black Sabbath, and the Doors, the insanely talented Acid Alice from Mexico City has dropped a ripper of an album in The Road. This is not a time to judge an album by its cover — I would have passed right over this one and missed out on what is one of my favorite albums of the year to date!

Thanks to my music guru Bucky I stumbled across this wild fuzzed out 60s and 70s influenced rock and roll trip from deep in the heart of Mexico, of all places. I can’t say I know much about them other than this album kicks ass, but I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on them from now on!

Standout tracks: Destroy Me, Wolf, Broken Man

Find Acid Alice on the web:

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