Mojo’s Pick of the Week: McCartney 3,2,1

This easily bingeable six-part documentary is every bit as good as the pitch: iconic producer Rick Rubin interviews iconic musician Paul McCartney one on one in a recording studio.

In fact, it’s so much better than that. Rick has the multitracks of select Beatles, Wings, and McCartney songs to dissect and play with as they talk about the entirety of McCartney’s amazing career and how all the songs were created. Of course he does.

Shot in sensuously moody black and white, this intimate interview brings us right into the room with Rubin and McCartney and lets us feel like we’re eavesdropping on a reverent conversation between two amazing musical minds. Rick asks all the right questions, and Paul has answers that are at turns amusing, enlightening and yes, even amazing.

Some stories we’ve heard, some we haven’t, and I daresay some have another side. But there’s no way to come away without a new appreciation of the Beatles, George Martin, and the amazing musicianship of McCartney, who should honestly be mentioned in the list of the best bassists of all time in addition to the list we know: greatest songwriters of all time.

There’s magic here. Don’t wait. Watch it now. Streaming on Hulu.

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Mojo’s Pick of the Week – The Road by Acid Alice

After Alice - The RoadSounding like a hybrid between Big Brother & the Holding Company, Black Sabbath, and the Doors, the insanely talented Acid Alice from Mexico City has dropped a ripper of an album in The Road. This is not a time to judge an album by its cover — I would have passed right over this one and missed out on what is one of my favorite albums of the year to date!

Thanks to my music guru Bucky I stumbled across this wild fuzzed out 60s and 70s influenced rock and roll trip from deep in the heart of Mexico, of all places. I can’t say I know much about them other than this album kicks ass, but I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on them from now on!

Standout tracks: Destroy Me, Wolf, Broken Man

Find Acid Alice on the web:

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Mojo’s Pick of the Week – The Wrecking Crew (Movie)

The Wrecking Crew“The best band you’ve never heard of” is probably the most common description of this group of hard-working musicians that were behind most of the biggest hits of the 60s and 70s. They were so good at what they did they earned the nickname “the Wrecking Crew”.

This funny, bittersweet, and frankly mind-blowing documentary was put together by Dean Tedesco, the son of the late guitarist Tommy Tedesco, whose guitar has been heard on everything from the Beach Boys hits to the theme song for Bonanza to the soundtrack for Jaws. Dean made this doc as a tribute to his late father back in 2008, but the movie was only released this year after clearing the rights to the many songs in the film.

The movie is not only a tribute to Tommy, Carol Kaye, and the rest of the crew; it’s an insight into the life of a studio musician, into the workings of a music studio, and into music history itself. It’s a must see for any musician and lover of classic American rock and roll. I would recommend watching this, followed by another great doc, the bittersweet “Muscle Shoals“, and ending with Dave Grohl’s own studio tribute, “Sound City“. Then go watch “Love & Mercy“, the Brian Wilson biopic. There’s your weekend movie viewing right there, you’re welcome!

Imdb description of the Wrecking Crew

Official Trailer:

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